The two family names “La Poëze d´Harambure” were joined by order of the king 17 th. September 1807. Members of the older branch carry the name today, although it is often abbreviated to just “d´Harambure”. The younger branch of the family continues to carry the name ” La Poëze”.

The head of the house is Guillaume de La Poëze, Marquis d´ Harambure. He lives in Harambure in the Tourraine. The younger members of the family are counts with christian names. The head of the younger line is Yves Count de La Poëze, all the other members are counts with christian names.

The tradition of the title “Duc d´Aiguillon”, and the spanish Grandessa with the title “Duc de la Mothe Houdancourt” is still hold by the house. However for the present no member amongst the legitimate heirs carries them. One of the family member is Count of Fontenailles.

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