Charles Henri de La Poëze d´Harambure (1935), first a cavalry officer, he later went into the printing business. His main activities now centre on supporting charities. He stays in close contact with Mauritius. He has five children from his marriage to Anne de Grivel. He lives in Paris

Guy Raoul de La Poëze d´Harambure (1938), went to Business school HEC in Paris. After serving in the Navy and several years experience at Arthur Anderson, he started to work in the food industry group SOCOPA where he became a member of the supervisory board. He has three children from his marriage to Daisy de Montesson. He lives in Paris.

Dominique de La Poëze d´Harambure (1947), studied economics at university in Paris and at AIESEC. He served in the Navy and worked for 12 years at Price Waterhouse. He has two children from his marriage to Princess Gilone de Caraman Chimay. He lives in Paris.

Romée de La Poëze d´Harambure (1949), read civil law at university in Paris. He served in the Navy and gathered experience by working for several years at Coudert Brothers. He subsequently began to work independently in investment and project development. His work mainly concerned Germany, Asutria and Central and Eastern Europe. He has four children from his marriage to Princess Anna von Hohenberg. He lives in Paris and Vienna. Contact: